Playing Tips

Forehand Grip – In general, the racket should be gripped as though the player were shaking hands with it. This may seem unnatural, but with practice and patience it will become a habit.

Backhand Grip – Allow the hand to turn slightly, placing the thumb against the back of the handle. On backhand shots, the shuttle should come in contact with the opposite side of the racket head.

Holding The Racket – The racket should not be held so tightly so as to make the wrist and arm tense and strained. This is particularly important when serving low serves and making net shots.

Position Of Racket – Keep the racket head well up and ready for any kind of shot at all times.

Wrist – A stiff wrist, as used in tennis, is not used in badminton. Cock the wrist with the head of the racket back. If a shot is made without a swishing sound, the wrist is probably locked and will result in lost impetus of the racket head.

Reaching – The majority of strokes utilize the full length of the arm, particularly overhead clears, smashes and drops, drives, and many net shots.

Footwork – Footwork is the most important factor in getting the body in position to make the correct stroke. Forehand and backhand strokes hit underhand at the net should be made with the right foot forward. All overhead forehand strokes should be made with the left foot forward, while backhand strokes should be made with the right foot forward (reverse for left handed players). Starting and turning quickness are more important than straight away speed; short steps are better than long strides. Avoid stroking with both feet directly facing the net.